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Welcome to Ikon Teknoloji.

In Security Products, which are structured according to the uniqueness of the project, different products can be used to meet the needs of all sectors, from completely integrated security cameras, control systems, to individual products such as fire alarms, and all security system components designed with smart technologies. is offered under the manufacturer’s warranty to increase the quality of life of the users and meet their expectations. All of these are important so that the cost of use of a needed security system does not turn into a nightmare rather than the investment cost. In this context, İkon Teknoloji provides services to our valued customers with the most comprehensive and professional works without sacrificing quality.

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Today, Network-based Video Surveillance Systems Solutions go beyond security with high quality and low cost products.

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Network Based (IP) Video Surveillance Systems

Network Based (IP) Video Surveillance Systems

Informing people in public areas about announcements and announcements, ensuring that people evacuate safely from their environment in case of emergency.

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Audio and Voice Alarm Systems

Audio and Voice Alarm Systems

Access Control Systems are the name given to all the systems in which the entrance and exit of people to a certain place are determined, limited, grouped and kept under control.

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Access Control Automation Systems

Access Control Automation Systems

Panasonic has been producing suitable fire detection and alarm system solutions for small and large buildings for over 30 years.

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Fire and Gas Detection Alarm Systems

Fire and Gas Detection Alarm Systems

The alarm panel forms the center of the system. Detection devices connected to the panel will alarm in case of emergency.

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Electronic Alarm Systems

Electronic Alarm Systems

Network infrastructure is very important for all infrastructure systems of institutions to work quickly and efficiently.

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Network Infrastructure Systems

Network Infrastructure Systems

Independent units and devices such as security, lighting, air conditioning, heating and imaging

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Smart home systems

Smart home systems

Urban Security Management System (USMS), formerly known as Mobese Systems, aims to ensure the peace, security and public order of the city.

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Urban Security and Management Systems

Urban Security and Management Systems

While the communication infrastructure is being projected, it is an unavoidable fact that fine calculations are required at every meter and every point.

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The first goal of our understanding of quality is to meet your needs in the least cost and most effective way.

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WV-X6533LN - IP Camera / Network Camera

Panasonic WJ-GXE500 Ağ Video Kodlayıcı

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Frequently Asked Questions


Things to consider when buying a camera system

It is about getting to know the system components. A traditional camera system consists of a security camera, a recorder, a hard disk where the images are recorded, and adapters. Each of these components is selected according to the needs and the characteristics of the place where the system will be used, and can be easily changed afterwards. For example, a 10-day recording period is sufficient in an existing system, but when a 20-day recording period is requested, it will be sufficient to replace the existing hard disk with a higher-capacity hard disk. Systems are always open to growth, but not every recorder is high-capacity, for example. It is very important to create a discovery and needs list, taking into account future growth, to catch the right choices at the right cost.

Surveillance Scam Kit
CCTV Design House
Counting Technology
Smart Clamp Claws


First you can fill out our Free Discovery Form

or you can reach us at 0(232)4254462. Our expert technical team can make on-site exploration and evaluate the camera solutions that are suitable for you together. In line with your selection, you will now have a camera system after the installation, installation and use training according to the work program.

Automatic Detection
Reducing False Alarms
Addressable Fire Alarm System
Remotely Monitored Fire Alarm

Why should we use high resolution cameras?

If ip camera systems have high resolutions,

the more accurate the detail in the image. Analog cameras generally record approximately 0.1 megapixel (CIF) images. However, a 3.1 megapixel ip camera records approximately 30 times more detail. This makes it possible to record larger image areas, including 360° panoramas. It significantly reduces the number of cameras and therefore costs. For example, four lanes of a gas station can be recorded with a single fisheye camera, that is, fisheye, instead of the four standard ip cameras normally required for such a mission.

Centralized Control Panel
Surveillance Monitoring
Video Analysis
Live Recording

How can I tell if the specifications of the cameras are correct?

The camera supports three simultaneous video streams.

It also has motion detection, privacy mask, video mask alarm, image snapshot, local recording and TF card, noise removal, backlight compensation, WDR functions, etc. It provides storage. The alarm can be associated with sending email and FTP uploading.
VH110-A2 series HD 2MP low-light IP cameras are widely used in communications, governments, schools, factories, garages, warehouses and other occasions with low-light conditions and need high-definition image quality.

Customer Enter/Exit Counts
Mapping Customer Journeys
Identifying Store Performance
Event Based Analysis

Do we need to have an ip camera system or an analog camera?

Among the most frequently asked questions from our customers

The camera that he wants to have his home or workplace is related to ip camera systems or ahd analog camera systems. Our company installs both systems. In the installation we call the ahd camera system, the cables of the cameras used in the infrastructure are used as cctv 4+1 cable or satellite cable, which we call rg6 u6 cable. In the ahd camera system, each camera is wired separately. and the camera can be installed to the extent that the camera recording device we will use supports it. ahd camera systems are more advantageous in terms of cost compared to ip camera systems. ip camera systems are less costly and easier to increase or upgrade the number of cameras if the biggest feature and difference from ankara’s ahd camera system is desired. For example, there is not much difference in image resolution between a 1.3 mp ahd camera and a 1.3 mp ip camera. they are very close to each other in terms of clarity.

Local File Storage
Remote Video Monitoring
Mobile Monitoring
Secure Wireless Transmission

Should I install a camera or alarm at my workplace?

First of all, we have you set up an alarm system.

We recommend that you install a system that will prevent people from entering your residences when you are not at home or at work. If you can support the alarm system with the camera system, you will increase your security level to the maximum.

False Alarm Reduction
Fact-Based Responses
Greater Customer Safety
Videofied System


The alarm system is specially designed for residences and workplaces.

The protection of persons is given as much importance as the protection of property of material value. It is based on the lifestyle, gives priority to the freedom of movement of the people living inside and builds the protection concept around this.
• When there is an attempted theft, the siren will sound, and notify the alarm or entry to the Information Center by phone. The center informs the necessary places, the siren can be turned off if desired;
• It can protect each room, door and window separately in the living space;
• With the help of the panic buttons, you can immediately notify the center that there is a robbery, fire or health problem inside;
• Even in case of extortion despite all precautions, when you are forced to deactivate the alarm system, you can silently report this to the center with the special password you will use;
• With its smoke detector, it informs the fire in its infancy;
• Can be set up and turned off by remote control;
• In case of an alarm, additional units can be connected to listen to indoor sounds and make announcements with loudspeakers;
• It constantly checks its own work, detects its own malfunction and reports it to the Information Center;
• It has a built-in battery to avoid power cuts;
• An additional unit can be connected, enabling it to be controlled over a telephone line;
• If the gprs module is used, it also constantly checks the phone line disconnection status and informs when necessary;
• It is possible to use 32 different passwords for everyone living inside;
• Has internal memory, saves the last 127 transactions;
• It can be connected to the Alarm Center and in this way it allows all alarm operations to be monitored and notified to you 24 hours a day by expert personnel;
• It can be easily transported in place changes;
• Both wired and wireless SYSTEMS are available.
• Discovery is made before the system is installed. Accordingly, the system is designed and implemented within the framework of your budget.

Proactive Detection
Efficient Monitoring
Global Visibility
Customized Alerts


Normal motion detectors also raise an alarm when they see free-running pets.

For this reason, it is necessary to produce special solutions, especially when cats, dogs and birds are fed at home. Precautions can be taken, such as using more window contacts, adjusting PIRs so that they do not detect movement in the section up to a certain height from the ground, and preventing animals from entering some parts of the house that are susceptible to burglary. In addition, there are special PIR variants that do not detect animals up to a certain height. While You Are Not Inside… You activate all the sensors of your alarm system. You may have been outside for a few hours or months. Your alarm system will operate uninterruptedly during this time. It will have a battery against power cuts. As long as the telephone line is not cut off, it will be able to transmit news to all parts of the world. It will notify you or what you want in case of malfunction or alarm. In the event of an alarm, the siren will sound and emit a signal to the environment. While you are inside… You can activate a part of your alarm system while living inside. For example, you may want the alarm to sound when you go to bed at night or when your child is alone at home, in case of opening the outer doors and windows, or in case of fire. You can also sound an alarm if a living thing moves in the rooms that you do not use at night. The value of an alarm system, which cannot be measured with money, is the protection feature while you are inside. A well-designed and installed alarm system ensures that family members in need of protection can be left alone at home more peacefully. Special for businesses. There is a professional type motion detector for intensely lit workplace environments. Glass breakage detector is widely used in showcase environments. You also have the opportunity to conduct personnel audits by giving a separate password to each person working in your workplace.

Real-time Notification
Key- less Electric Lock
Card and PIN option
Bio-metric Fingerprint Option


The system is powered by 24 hours battery voltage.

In case of power cuts, the battery is sufficient to run your system for 24 hours.

Complete Wireless Technology
Control on Unauthorized Use
Evaluate the Power Consumption
Ease of Installation

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